5 reasons why you should include Video Marketing in your 2021 strategy

2021 has reoriented our vision at the level of marketing strategy

As a result of the emergence of the pandemic period that came with various changes in consumer behavior, regardless of the industry/field we want to refer to. In general, people spend more time online, thus managing to change a significant part of the habits that completed their daily routine. This evolution highlights, in particular, the opportunities that technology offers us in order to achieve performance at the level of increasing the visibility of a brand. Things, however, are not as simple as they seem, because creativity is a key element that helps us to differentiate ourselves on the market, to be able to highlight our own business values ​​(and here we are not only talking about direct competition ) – although marketers have many tools at their disposal through which they can create quality content. However, regardless of the ideas we have, the strategy we choose must follow marketing trends and statistics.

Video Marketing, a trend in 2021?

To be able to understand the importance of Video Marketing as part of a strategy, you should start from the idea that the desire of any specialist is to create content that will bring him the desired success, that is, basically, we are talking about original content that will generate growth engagement. If it is done properly according to the already established objectives, you, as a brand, cannot go unnoticed.

Digital content is much more consumed today. That is, your target audience informs itself through the online environment and is exposed to all means of communication available to this technology.

If you’re still not convinced of the power of video content, below are 5 reasons why it’s worth including it in your marketing strategy this year (2021):

It helps you bring your brand to life, being an excellent way to present your products, services or even the entire business itself, as you wish, by humanizing it. Each of us felt from our own experience how by watching a clip various emotions were transmitted to us, while the written content did not connect us every time with the respective brand/its values, we having the role of a potential buyer. After all, through a video content, people understand much better the information they receive and tend to perceive it in a fairly objective way for them, thus managing to associate the benefits, values ​​or expectations with the real needs that they they have them. NOTE: Marketing’s role is to help us attract and connect potential consumers with our brand, which means we need to find the method to make this process happen by causing as strong an emotional impact as possible. As we already know and it is not new, the rational part influences the purchase decision.

You can increase the conversion rate. The effect of visual content has a significant impact on the conversion rate, so inserting video content on landing pages contributes to this. Don’t forget that you can add a suitable description to it. First, it influences the time a visitor spends on the site. More than likely, if the material has sparked curiosity, that person will be motivated to start browsing the web page. Second, it can persuade the user to return to the page and/or follow/search you further, even across multiple communication channels. This aspect leads us to believe that the investment to include a video in the marketing strategy is profitable. It may cost us nothing or even require a small budget. At first glance, you may think of huge costs and wasted time, but keep in mind that technology is on our side, with no need for costs that cannot be controlled or accessed. So, the lack of such an element included in the strategy, can be considered to be a simple excuse.

You have the opportunity to create content that is much easier to understand. As I mentioned above, people process information easily, from a visual point of view. A text can be perceived much more subjectively, and its expectations can be higher than we would have imagined. Long articles sometimes discourage readers. We live in a world where everything is dynamic, people are impatient and can lose focus much faster. Even if a text is generated that contains a lot of useful and important information for the reader, it will, at first glance, consider it to be too much. It won’t remember all the details. Although at the moment everything is clear, later it will be lost. If in writing we have the possibility to transmit the information in several lines, visually, the whole process is reduced to a few seconds. There are many brands that for some time have included Video Marketing in their communication strategy for the presentation of products and services, in particular. PS: Even the CV in video format is trending, so don’t ignore this content option. For example, if you search for a certain product on Emag or another site, you will find both pictures of that item and a presentation video. Some of them are meant to introduce benefits or how to use/install, while others simply give us an overview.

By creating a video, our goal is to build brand awareness, which means that it is a type of content that perfectly fits this marketing objective. Currently, the idea of ​​content that is based on a video, can follow several angles of approach, so that the effective personalization of the material represents much more appreciated content and much easier to imprint in someone’s mind. The fact that internet users spend a lot of time online is also reflected on social media channels. That is, various materials are distributed that have a beneficial role on the community created by each individual on his own page. The advantages of a product or how to use it, as well as the offers or presentation of certain businesses. A well-created content will always arouse and encourage the idea of ​​sharing because that material deserves to be shared with those around.

You can create memorable content. Already in 2019, video content has earned its place in marketing strategies. After all, it is easier to describe and analyze what we see compared to a long text, for example. Information is printed faster and for a longer period of time. The essence of the message convinces our potential customer much more easily. People, in the online environment, see a lot of advertisements, products, campaigns, etc. everywhere. The variety of means of communication helps our message to find the target audience quickly and easily anywhere. Video content creation impacts the marketing strategy based on the effectiveness of the creativity, stories, graphics and colors that we as specialists use to generate emotion in the target audience. Basically, we don’t have to limit our imagination and creativity. It’s good that the clips we want to turn into content are not for one platform or have one theme/purpose.

If, still, the 5 reasons mentioned have not convinced you, you can still consider this content variant at least to test and see the reactions of the target audience or the results obtained.